Is It Durable?
Custom Window Painting is a unique process of combining lettering
and/or graphic images, designed by
We Do Window Painting, and
painting them on your store front window panels. Borders are designed
and full-panel images and logos are brought to life on your business
windows. We do indoor and outdoor windows, temporary or permanent,
decorative or informative, whimsical or elegant. Your ideas and
suggestions are always welcome.

Your window is hand-painted by our artists. Each window is a
“piece of art" in itself, created specifically for your business. We
guarantee our bold colors and artistic designs create traffic stopping windows.


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An optional coating protects the painting from the environment, allowing
a life of 2 1/2 to 3 years. For outdoor painting, we use layers of base coat
and durable, weather resistant colors and finish with an optional protective
coating. Your window can be changed monthly, seasonally, or when you
feel it's time to catch your customers' attention all over again.
Creating changeable windows is all part of the Custom Window Painting experience.

Do You Paint Windows All Year? We work throughout the year. Many of our clients change their windows
with the seasons and holidays, or when a special item or sale is
promoted. We take pride in providing festive windows for all seasons,
promoting your business 365 days of the year.

How Much Does It Cost? Windows are priced according to your requirements, space to be painted
and detail of art. Some businesses prefer graphics or logos only. Others
may require full-panel window painting with borders and extensive lettering.
Styles vary from whimsical to elegant. We do not have price lists, and we
never use stencils or templates. We consider each window to be an
opportunity to design something special. In general, a unique window
painting will cost only slightly more than standard vinyl-letter signage.
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All artwork © Copyright 2003 We Do Window Painting, Inc.
Reproduction of artwork without the permission of
We Do Window Painting, Inc. is prohibited.