It's difficult to put a price on our
BlackBoard Menu Boards
without knowing the details!

Some businesses prefer small titles and large graphics. Some want headers only, or bordered artwork, and some prefer leaving the majority of the board blank for their own use.

Our eye-catching BlackBoard Menu Boards are priced slightly higher than plastic menus with vinyl letters, yet are surprisingly less expensive than a back-lit menu board. There is nothing to compare to the finished product – a highly original BlackBoard that is completely made to order. We work closely with you, in order to obtain the information needed to allow our artists to design something unique to your own business.

Estimates are given after a copy of your menu is evaluated and sizes of boards are determined. A five-minute conversation can answer many of your questions and give us an opportunity to understand your business needs. A rough estimate will be returned within 3 days of receiving your information.

Read the 5 Steps required to Place an Order and complete and submit our BlackBoard Information Form.

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